Life is too short to not have passion for your career.

You deserve fulfillment and happiness – not boredom or days filled with nothing but problems and challenges.

What is a Professional Midlife Crisis?

You’ve done well in your career. You are a leader. You likely have done well financially. By all outward appearances, you are successful…and yet, internally, you’re not satisfied, not fulfilled, not happy. You are feeling bored in your career. Or worse, you’re no longer doing all the things you used to love – your days are now spent dealing with problems.

It’s a pretty well-known phenomenon, one that typically happens somewhere between the ages of 45-55. It begins with the realization that our lives are technically “half over”. We reflect on things not yet accomplished, wrestling with the thought, “is this really all there is for my life”? We start searching for something new – something to reignite our passions. For some, the desire pushes in the direction of a hot red sports car or a torrid love affair. This is not a book about that kind of midlife crisis!

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A Well Done Professional Midlife Crisis

A Well Done Professional Midlife Crisis

How to Bleed Passion and Energy Back into Your Career

You deserve an engaging and fulfilling career. One where you are excited for Monday morning and excited about the projects that lie ahead. This book will take you step by step through what to do if you, like so many others, are feeling unsatisfied or bored with your career. If it’s a struggle to go to work, its likely you are experiencing a Professional Midlife Crisis.

About The Book

Sharon Hulce

Sharon personally understands what it feels like to not be fulfilled in one’s career. Not only has she been through her own Professional Midlife Crisis, she has spent the past twenty-four years of her career helping individuals to find happiness in their careers. Sharon understands the multi-faceted aspects that transpire preventing someone from finding professional and personal contentment. With a unique ability to connect and invest in her clients, Sharon is committed to helping professionals emerge from stagnancy to a reignited passion for their work.

About Sharon
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Sharon and her firm, Employment Resource Group Inc (ERG), work tirelessly to ensure that candidates presented not only fit the technical skillset needed by their clients, but ensure they will enhance the culture of the organization and will thrive personally. Both clients and candidates alike feel cared for and heard with the thoughtful guidance provided by Sharon and the ERG team.

Sharon's willingness to open herself up to all of us, makes us believe our own midlife crisis is manageable. Her emotions, raw honesty, and insightful commentary compel us to delve deeper into our own state of mind.

- Dave Dart, Managing Partner Morisey-Dart Group

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