About the Book

A Well Done Professional Midlife Crisis

How to Bleed Passion and Energy Back into Your Career

In a Well Done Professional Midlife Crisis, author Sharon Hulce not only shares her own personal journey from crisis to finding her life’s vocation, she also shares many stories of real-life leaders who are successful yet struggled to go to work Monday morning and what they did about it. This book reviews all the challenges that cause people to enter into a Professional Midlife Crisis, and how to ensure you come out the other side happy.

From the next generation taking over, to your company being acquired, to the promotion that got away, Sharon addresses the realities of what causes us to stop having fun in our careers and the many options we have to fix it.

After reading this book you will only have one piece of information left to acquire – and that is which option you will pick to bleed passion into your career again. Included in this book are tools to assist with this decision:

  • Creating your purpose and vision list
  • Analyzing your natural gifts and passions
  • How your personal and professional path will impact your career decisions
  • What is the right next step – new job, entrepreneurialism or expanding your role in your current position

And the list goes on. The key to success with this book is to embrace each chapter, each exercise, and to really understand where your passions lie and what happened that caused you to enter your Professional Midlife Crisis.

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“Sharon’s ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of an issue has helped so many organizations, including ours. Her insight and fresh perspective regarding a professional midlife crisis is on-point with actionable insight. Anyone looking for professional happiness, should invest the time in this book.”

Dustin McClone
President/CEO McClone Insurance

“Sharon not only survived her professional crisis – she mastered it! The solutions to her crisis weren’t a one-time thing for her – the same goals and focus that propel her to make the tough changes continues to inspire everyone around her. Sharon embodies passion, engagement and focus. She inspires her peer franchise owners and her franchisor. Let her inspire you and your firm.”

Nancy Halverson
SVP Global Operations, Part of Sharon’s franchisor exec leadership team, Management Recruiters International"