How Prepared Are You for a Professional Midlife Crisis?

You’ve done well in your career. You are a leader. By all outward appearances, you are successful. Yet internally people in a Professional Midlife Crisis are not satisfied, not fulfilled, not happy. They are bored with their job or worse, they are so far away from what they once loved – spending all their time in meetings and solving problems.

A Professional Midlife Crisis is a pretty well-known phenomenon, one that happens typically somewhere in our forties or fifties, starting with the awareness that our lives are technically “half over.” As a result, we reflect on things not accomplished, wrestling internally with whether our career is truly satisfying.

For most of us, this midlife awareness begins a yearning to search for something new and exciting that will reignite our passion and energy. Personally, I know how this feels—I’ve been through it myself. I understand firsthand the sleepless nights, the frustration with not being “happy.” I know how difficult it is to go to work feeling that way, every day. I also understand the courage it takes to make a change and the fear behind it.

The key is to leverage this energy to reach another level of satisfaction and achievement you haven’t experienced thus far. Take this assessment to find out if you indeed are experiencing a Professional Midlife Crisis and how to make a change that will propel you forward, not spiraling downward.

Take this assessment to determine how prepared you are for the reality of a professional midlife crisis.

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